Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saints Tickets - Saints vs Bengals Pre-season Sauce Aug 14

While the start of this Saints season is certainly exciting, it's still pretty hard to get worked up over pre-season Saints games. Rather, I believe, the pre-season should be what gets you worked up. So with that in mind, I still think there are some interesting facets of this Saints vs Bengals game. Things that you should keep an eye on just because you like NFL football and don't want to sound like an idiot talking with your friends.

On the New Orleans Saints side, obviously you'll be looking at the secondary and how they respond to a quarterback like Carson Palmer. ugg batai Out most of 2008, Palmer returns supposedly healthy and rested. Saints defensive backs will be tested working against a veteran Pro Bowl quarterback and his favorite target Chad Ochocinco. You might also get an idea of what kind of backups the Saints have on the defensive line since Grant and Smith will be out the first four games. Offensively for the Saints just keep your fingers crossed nobody gets hurt. I'm already a little leery of Reggi Bush sitting out practices with a swollen knee.

From a Cincinnati Bengals perspective you'll want to get an idea of just how far along Carson Palmer is in his recovery. His health is an issue, especially since reports are that his O-Line leaves a lot to be desired. As Carson goes, so go the Bengals. On defense the Bengals have a decent group with no real standouts. Remember, this group has to outplay the rest of the NFC North, a group that includes the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

So while Saints vs Bengals may not be high on your list, it's a great chance to welcome the Saints back, renew your relationship with the Superdome, and scout out another NFL team you may not get to see again for a long time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Saints Tax Credits - That's the Tickets

I will admit that I am probably one of the least well off Saints ticket holders. It takes a considerable amount of budget juggling and sacrifice to come up with the cash for my Saints tickets. That's why when I read the news accounts of New Orleans Saints players and coaches being taken in on a tax credit scam it's kind of hard for me to get shaken up about it. I'd like the chance to invest a couple hundred thousand in something but I doubt I'll ever get it. Judging from the stories though, none of these guys will be missing many meals though.
On to other things. Much is being made of the New Orleans Saints overhaul of their defense under Gregg Williams. We're a long way from validation but I like the tone being set and the opinions being expressed. This is supposed to be an ATTACKING defense with an aggressive style. While you're always open to being beaten by being too aggressive, I'd rather do that than get beaten slowly inch by inch. The 2008 Saints defense smacked too much of a "prevent" style which seems to me to be completely worthless. Player changes and attitude changes could make a big difference in this unit in 2009.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Chicago vs Green Bay Week 1in the NFL

I got some comments on my Chicago Bears ticket comments. I said I like this ticket if defense is your bag. I still believe that. I also said i didn't think the Bears were good enough to get very far out of their division. I still believe that. WITHIN the division I think they win hands down. But they're playing in what's basically the weakest division in the league. Three new coaches. teams don't get new coaches when they're good teams. Or only rarely. Thanks for the comments guys. I think we basically agree.

Steelers vs Miami

Now that we've all gotten used to the idea of Ben Roethlisberger riding the pine in this one let's get down to decidng who's got the edge. Miami has Daunte Culpepper. Culpepper looks like a ne quarterback now that he's found Nick Saban. The Dolphins managed to go 9-7 in 2005 without any real solid quarterbacking so if Culpepper can come through in the regular season the Dolphins should be solid. Are they solid enough to beat the Steelers? Probably so. Will they beat the Steelers? I'm going to say yes. Only because I've opened my big mouth and said that Miami is going to be the surprise team of the AFC East. If I back down now all my friends will eat me alive. Sep-9-06 4:51am

The Steelers ticket to a win may come in the form f Charlie Batch. Not that Batch needs to throw for three touchdowns, he just needs to avoid throwing for three interceptions. With the Steelers defense they can be in any game the offense doesn't screw up. But is Willie Parker for real? Now that he's the featured back in the offense we'll find out for sure. The big contract came his way and the Steelers aren't known for throwing money around so it's a good bet Parker can deliver at least a respectable season. But the Steelers have lost Jerome Bettis and Randle-El, two key components of the Super Bowl squad. It remains to be seen how essential these two were to winning it all.

I'm going with the underdog here. Miami 28, Pittsburgh 24

Since I'm a freelance writer for ticket sites I though I'd pass along a few hot NFL tickets courtesy of the info I get from site owners.

Panthers tickets: The leading provider of online Panthers tickets is telling me that it's their best year ever. That doesn't surprise me. The Panthers are being pegged as Super Bowl contenders again and I like the Panthers to win the NFC South, edging out Tampa Bay.

Arizona Cardinals tickets: The guys at TotalTickets.com and the other sites I write for are having a banner year with Cardinals tickets. Predicting the Cardinals to post a winning season is a dangerous game to me. This is a team that rivals my New Orleans Saints for heart rending dissapointment. Still, while it may not happen this year, the Cardinals are on the right track. (I think)

Dallas Cowboys tickets: It shouldn't be a surprise to see Cowboys tickets on the list. With TO generating billions of pages of blather the Cowboys are reaping the whirlwind of interest. I like the Cowboys to win the NFC East and apparently so do a lot of other people.

Chicago Bears tickets: My friend Mark at Frontrow.com likes the Bears to go all the way. While I like Chicago to repeat in the NFC North I can't pick them to be in the Super Bowl. Too little competition in the division and not enough offense in Chicago. Still, if you like defense, Chicago Bears tickets will deliver it big time.

That's enough for today. If you have comments, go ahead and post them. I have to edit out the profanity (some of it anyway) before it goes up but if you disagree wth me please post. I love a good argument.